NU-Omics Lab

Our Omics Lab offers a comprehensive DNA sequencing service incorporated within the state-of-the-art multi-omics laboratory at Northumbria University. The service is based upon the increasing capacity and broad application portfolio of the Illumina massively parallel sequencing and PacBio Single Molecule Real time sequencing.  These applications include microbiome studies, whole genome sequencing, RNA sequencing and epigenetics.

Our Capabilities
Illumina Sequencing
  • Microbiome Studies:
    • Using 16S rRNA gene or bespoke targets/Fungal Community amplicon sequencing.
    • Using untargeted/targeted viral metagenomics for DNA and RNA viruses.
  • Small genome sequencing: Bacteria, Eukaryotic Viruses and Bacteriophages
  • Small genome, in mutliplex to reduce genome sequencing costs (1-15 contigsper genome)
  • Complete 16S rRNAgene sequencing for Bacterial community analysis offering to species level comparison.
  • Virus Genome sequencing.
  • Bacterial Methylation studies
  • Current work in combining long and short read technologies for upcoming work on plant and fungal genomes.
  • Long transcript sequencing
  • Eukaroyotes- Isoform sequencing
  • Bacterial long transcript sequencing
Selected Publications
Purcell, P., Jary, H., Perry, A., Perry, J.D., Stewart, C.J., Nelson, A., Lanyon, C., Smith, D.L., Cummings, S.P. and De Soyza, A., 2014. Polymicrobial airway bacterial communities in adult bronchiectasis patients. BMC microbiology, 14(1), p.130.